Victoria is one of the youngest people on the server. She learned the rules quickly, but she likes to annoy the mods.

She has depression and can be quiet at times.

Victoria laughs easily and loves making jokes about Peggy Schuyler.

Coachella was a father figure to this young lass. Now that’s he’s gone, she’s trying to figure out how to function. She doesn’t really share her emotions now that he is gone.

All this young girl wants is to fit in. She doesn’t really do a good job at it, though. She’s very awkward and doesn’t know how to act. She calls herself ‘a depressed two year old.’

She likes to refer to a certain person as ‘She who’s name shall not be spoken’ or ‘r00d lady’

Victoria likes Hamilton, Dear Evan Hanson, and Be More Chill.

During the months of November and December, Victoria went from the loud and annoying kid, to the kinda mature and quiet young lady.

Victoria may only be 12, but she is Panromantic and has a girlfriend.

Bob Ross woot.