A 16-year-old female whose online nickname is Puppy but was named as Ven in this server, thanks to the birth of her.. interesting nickname.

She talks a lot in the server, yet hardly talks in real life. This mystery will probably never be solved. Never knows what's going on. Scream, and she'll see it as a challenge to out-scream you. Only in text though, she'd never scream in real life.

Sometimes references VenturianTale to her online friends; They don't understand. They'll never understand.

Cannot properly draw VenturianTale characters for the life of her. She is stuck in the endless loop of drawing art then taking a look at the whole thing and crying. She needs to keep practising. Just keep practising...

Personality Edit

Ven is a very unique person. She has a personality that you can warm up to the very same day you meet her. She is not the most outgoing person on the server but has a very good taste in music.

Activity Logs Edit

Ven is a decently active member of the server. Also skyrocketing into at the very least top 50 people on the server. She sometimes will appear on Alie's music night days. This is when she usually appears in the voice chats though she is there most days in the general or other chats.