SisterOfMine, also known as Bailey, was one of the first moderators on the FA Discord. She was a strict, yet nice mod. She isn't always here anymore, but when she is, everything is nice and orderly. Bailey left for a while, but as of June 28th, she has rejoined the Discord server. She has retired from her moderator status and now goes on as a normal visitor of the server. She is still regarded as one of the first and honorary members.

Bailey is active on social media, and is known throughout the fandom and by Jordan for her VenturianTale artwork, particularly for her art of Asylum Weaver, her all time favorite character. On June 7th of 2017, MCab719 granted her the title of Oblivion Loremistress. While this title has not been confirmed by Jordan, MCab's word holds some weight within the fandom, as he is the official Skyrim Loremaster.

Personality Edit

Bailey is a strict yet nice user as well as she was a mod. Sometimes even performing modly acts as of not being a mod any longer.

Activity Logs Edit

Bailey is really not a very active member anymore. She only sometimes shows up to say hello to a new person or to someone in general.

Active Social Media Accounts Edit