Scarlet, or Kristine, is an active discord member who is rarely seen actually typing in chat but rather talking in the voice chats instead. The nickname 'Scarlet' came from Michael who created it for his Echoes of the Broken series(which is extremely inactive btw).

Personality Edit

Kristine is a generally well-rounded person on the server. Though not many have met her around the server.

Activity Logs Edit

Kristine was, for a time, very active in the voice chats. Later down the line she started to drop off the activity radar.

Roles Edit

Pie Assistant

Unpaid Intern




Trivia Edit

  • Found the Discord through deviantart because her picture of Spooker was shared there before she joined
  • Her nickname came from Michael's character Scarlet
  • She is an artist and draws very frequently.
  • Alie calls her 'Senpai Kristine'.
  • Apparently remembers Michael's stories more than he does.