The FA Discord houses many people and to organize all of the people we have specific roles for games and positions.

Roles Edit

Basic Roles Edit

  • Bystander: The role that every person who joins the server gets. This permission allows you to talk. If you do not have this role you can contact a moderator of the server through DMs to get it or understand why it was taken away.
  • Bad Nugget: This role is for the people who will not comply to the rules and need to be muted. Only a few have ever recieved this role. Most notable person to recieve it was TheWiseBread.
  • Sergent At Arms and Master Commander: These roles were created by MCab719. One of these roles has admin permissions.
  • Cake People: Description on page. For older patrons of the server.

Secondary Roles Edit

  • Aussie Squad: This role is for the Australians of the server. If you wish to get this role talk to Leo.
  • Scouting Regiment: For all Attack On Titan fans on the server.
  • Accepted by Leo: Given to a user that Leo has high respect for, and will shelter them in the wars to come.
  • Tea Drinker: From England.
  • Gamer: Plays video games.
  • Google Groupie: In the Google Hangouts group.
  • Wiki Walker and Keepers of the Lore: People from the wiki and people working on the wiki at the current moment.

Game Roles Edit

Ask any moderator to give you any of these roles.

  • Lords of Cinder: Dark Souls
  • Hunter of the Battlegrounds: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • Crafter: Minecraft
  • Engineer: Garry's Mod
  • Traversed Tamriel: Elder Scrolls games
  • Azeroth Adventurers: World of Warcraft
  • World Controller: Sims
  • Overwatch Agent: Overwatch
  • Determined: Undertale
  • Blackwatch Agent: Genji, MCree, Reaper main.
  • Tavern Fighter: HearthStone
  • Guild Warrior: Guild Wars