Taking the name from a D&D character, Rezlin was a more quirky member of the VT discord.

Rezlin was active during the early days of the server as a gamer and meme creator. He was innovative and always had a new idea to share, and has a fairly good standing with the server mods. He's willing to help out anyone in a pinch if he's currently not doing anything important, as he has a big heart and a good mind. Rezlin is often misunderstood, as he likes to test limits, even with the mods. He's witty and clever, and always loves a good laugh about any sort of joke, similar to the rogue he portrays while he is online.

Rezlin is best known as an innovator, and always likes to try new things. He's responsible for various server-side memes, such as Left Toe, I'm not American, yep.jpeg, "x" apocalypse, and effort (sort of). While his ideas for the server often don't get off the ground he has created or had the idea of creating various guilds and such for the server. He co-owned a VT faction with Jimmy Casket and attempted to set up a modded server, which only resulted in Shady Baguette.

Rezlin is not as active as he once was for various reasons, one including he is a mod of other discord servers and the owner of one, and more important stuff going on in his life. His true name is not to be shared here.