Poofy is a patron of the FA Discord.

Poofy is one of the longest standing members of the FA Discord. Poofy originally caught on through one of Alie's Deviantart posts. Poofy and Kristine were both selected as trusted people by the mods. She has been, as of now, promoted to assistant moderator with only chat and role permissions.

Personality Edit

Poofy is a competent and kind person who thinks about what she does before she does it. She is very reliable and trusted by many of the current moderators. Poofy is a very sweet person. Having calm feelings of belief and drama around the server she always seems to have a calm aura, even when she feels tense and stressed out.

Activity Logs Edit

Poofy is a common person to see on the FA Discord. She is almost online 24/7 only being beat out by Alie's insane level and talkative manner. Poofy often logs on in the morning to say good morning and usually talks a reasonable amount during the day.

Trivia Edit

  • Poofy has some of the best nicknames on the server such as Poofy Doofy Doo and Welcome to EB Poof.
  • She has been known as Poofy, Poof, and Angy.