Nene is Alie's sister, SO DON'T BE MEAN TO HER! Please don't...

Nene is kind despite her being so mad because she lost to someone in a competition she yells at them for wining and then goes to cry in a corner by herself while still being in the discord call.

She thinks that Alie is a great mod and that Alie is one of the best people in the whole discord even though she knows that there is someone that might be better.

She doesn't know why She's even on the discord in the first place. It might be because her sister was on it before she was.

She wonders what games she's played with everyone in the past and present.

Nene thinks that Jim is one of the best people in the whole server. She also thinks that Alie is the best mod in the mod squad

Favorites! Edit

-Things she likes to do

  • Play with others
  • Eating
  • Drawing (or as Nene says, arting)
  • Play video games (mostly by herself)


  • Closers
  • Soulworker
  • Tera
  • GW2 (Guild Wars 2)
  • G Mod (Garry's Mod)

Favorite Characters! (pretty much Closers and Soulworker) Edit

  • Leiva (Closers)
  • Lilly (Soulworker)
  • Misteltein (Closers)
  • Seha Lee (Closers)
  • Sylvi Lee (Closers)
  • Tina (Closers)
  • Stella Unibell (Soulworker)
  • Haru Estia (Soulworker)
  • Yuri (Closers)