FA Discord Moderator MoSallu

MoSallu is a newer moderator on the FA Discord. Mo is now a well known personality on the Discord and is always a friendly face you can talk to.

Mo joined the FA Discord on April 29th of 2017. He was almost immediately liked by the server moderators. Due to the way the moderators pick the new mods they chose Mo for their next moderator. Seeming reasonable and nice they decided he would be a good person for the job. He has been a moderator since then.

Personality Edit

Mo is a very special person to many people on the Discord. He has shown to be a usually reliable friend to many. His bright atmosphere helps many people around the server cheer up when they feel down in the dumps. Many people around the server find him to be a friend and many think of him as a very helpful person all around.

Activity Log Edit

In the beginning up until only a few months ago Mo was a very very active member. At the end of the summer of 2017 he suddenly seemed to drop off the radar. This was caused by distraction and many other things. Of course taking breaks is fine and normal.

Trivia Edit

  • Mo created many great nicknames for Poofy such as Poofy Doofy Doo.
  • Mo is a great friend of many of the other mods and has a very good relationship with many server patrons.

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