Former FA Discord Moderator, MCab719!

In the days of yore, he was known to the fandom as A Skyrim Tale's "Loremaster". And while that title now belongs in an age of hallowed antiquity, he still relishes and appreciates tales past.

Ever since, he has taken residence on the server, after stumbling upon their minecraft server. Initially a regular user, his previous experiences have enabled him to rise quickly through the ranks to Moderator where he is known for being a strict, yet efficient, Moderator. Later leaving bringing two other mods with him.

Personality and Other Information Edit

Whilst not appearing friendly at first, Michael can be counted among one of the kinder, merciful moderators. Assuming one doesn't anger him. He is shown to be ruthless in events such as the Sohum1998 scandal, where he openly expresses not only annoyance, but disgust and disdain.

Usually, Michael takes to games that thrusts him on the battlefield and is a seasoned battle commander. Playing games like the Total War series, For Honor, and more recently, Mount and Blade. However, he also takes interest in Minecraft architecture, heading projects in Cierra's realm such as Frostpeak Meadows and the Bed n Breakfast.

He gets along with most of the moderators and server patrons, making the random (usually violent) jests. But everyone knows he isn't serious... or is he?

Activity Logs Edit

Michael is online a considerable amount of time even though he has a job and a real life unlike some moderators we can think of. He is often online in a voice chat or just randomly saying the word "kill" in the general chat for no known reason. He is online a good amount and is in the top 10 member ranks on the Mee6 bot's rankings.

Known Works and Mentions Edit

  • A Skyrim Tale (2013-2014) Mentioned
  • Qeios (2014) As Jasper
  • An Awkward Minecraft Tale (2017) As himself