Now see, it's no secret on how, if you join the Fellow Adventurers discord you will see Lyra sometimes talking about random stuff. But ask her about Jimmy Casket and she will go nuts with information and certain facts and quotes about Jimmy Casket. She has even stated that she has a collection of twenty seven (now twenty-nine) faces Jordan Frye has made as Jimmy Casket on her computer, of which she has named "The Jimmy Face collection" let's just say she's a little too obsessed with a psychotic murderer.

  • She does a Jimmy Casket voice that she spent two years perfecting and is still trying to perfect the laugh and even mentored the server owner Jimmy (Jimmy Casket) on his own. Which has helped him in overcoming the southern accent that it once had. She has once also stated that when she started watching his videos she hated him but as she continued she began growing more and more interested in his psychology, Making him inevitably her favorite Venturiantale Character.
  • She'll constantly reference him as well as Johnny Ghost, they are both her main Roleplay characters and she states she cannot not Roleplay as them due to a connection she feels with them both.