Retired moderator and night guard of the FA Discord.

Leo is the night guard of the FA Discord. Leo is not much of a talker in the voice chats but he will talk for hours on a text chat. Living in Australia, Leo is up for the part of the day where less people are around. Having Australians, not many of them come online very often. Leo is also the second highest level on the Mee6 leaderboard. He is such a hardcore shipper he takes it too far sometimes and hurts people.

Personality Edit

Leo is very narcissistic and always finds a time to mention himself. He flops between sweet and rude at random times seeming as though he always wants to get in trouble. Leo is a trouble maker at heart but is actually pretty sweet sometimes. Many people like Alie like keeping him around because he's good company and really good to talk to.

Activity Logs Edit

Leo was in the past, a very active member. Seeing as he reached #2 in the rank list following only a couple levels behind Alie. Though just a bit after the summer ended Leo's activity started to plummet. People enjoy talking to him but he doesn't hang around much at the current time.

Trivia Edit

  • Leo spends time on Star Wars RP servers on GMod.
  • He has a love for BTS unrivaled on the server.

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