A discord moderator, Leo the Squirrel Lord, has taken it upon himself to find the worst (and occasionally the best) ships to show. Some of these ships include:

Mo x Food- This is exactly what it sounds like. Mo and his love for food.

Mo x Tea- Again... Exactly what it sounds like.

Mo x Poofy- This is where we get into the WORST ships. One of the members, Poofy, was shipped with Mo when a bot shipped them and Leo found it acceptable.

Leo x Leo- Imagine the best OTP in the world and multiply it... by 6! That is how amazing this ship is!-No, this is Leo, and I'm gonna have to change this to by 1527.

Leo x Mee6- Mee6 is one of the bots on the Discord server. You can probably guess how this ship came along.

Babe x Babe- Two of the members, Libbt_the_ribbt and ClaraDerps, call each other babe and swear that everything is utterly platonic. We have our suspicions...

Libbt x Brain- Brain, or Sterling, is the younger brother to one of the former mods, SisterOfMine. SisterOfMine and Libbt (a fellow member of the server under the role, "Cake Person") are best friends. The two have been shipped since before the Discord was created.

Jimmy x Alie- These two were shipped from back in the day. The ship was such a long standing event that one fan wrote a series of fanfictions about it.

SisterOfMine x MCab719- I'm not sure who all ships this but I've always found it adorable and a few of the members themselves ship it as well.

Sohum x Atomic Bomb- <3 this is the all time OTP of the server

Gh0st x Trash a true OTP

MoXMCab719- Not a widely accepted, or liked ship. But, a ship is a ship.

LeoXGundham- Created because of Leo's love of Gundham.

AlieXMo- Another one of Leo's "grand" ships.

Alie x Leo- This ship was created by the lord or Alie ships, Ano.

NOTE: Not all of these ships were created by Leo. It is merely the title of the page.