Bio Edit

Liam, aka KweepyKweepah is a shy Human being who likes creative writing, Dungeons and dragons, RPGs, playing piano, and this one sibling-based youtube channel that you've probably never heard of. Liam joined the chat in June of 2017 but didn't talk on a regular basis until recently. If you're within a hundred mile radius of him, it's safer to refer to yourself in the third person to avoid any unwanted Dad jokes, which along with bad puns is one of the great nuisances of Liam. 90% of what Liam says is sarcasm so if it seems that he has made an insult, he really means no harm. Liam is clearly running out of ideas for what to be writing so he's going to start a new paragraph.

Liam found VenturianTale in 2013 through the waffle gun mod, though he is partially unsure on if that was really the first video. It may have been the Regular Show ragdoll, or the Herobrine mod... Regardless of which one was specifically watched first, these were the first of many Venturian videos he would come to love. On August 15th, he got Gmod himself and he's also going to lose a bet if he doesn't get "one-week" achievement by February 15th, so that's a thing.

He always has discord open, and checking a discord message, especially in the FA discord is his priority. He's usually online with discord running from 7:00 am to midnight EST... sometimes even later. If he's not speaking, he's listening... and watching...

Always watching...

Trivia Edit

  • Was the one to crash the Gmod game during the anniversary party (don't tell Alie)
  • His Gmod playermodel will forever be half the size of everyone else's
  • Was once left outside in the cold and was refused to be let in.
  • Has a table son named Taeborue
  • Sells fast nightcores in back alleys
  • Recently declared war on the vocaloids
  • Was once ransacked by ghosts
  • Still has a shack hidden somewhere
  • Has a strong distaste towards door guards
  • Often changing his profile picture - dunno what you're talking about, that never happened
  • Once impersonated Snippyface Ragamuffin - actually it was multiple times