Jimmy Casket is the creator of the FA Discord server.

Jimmy Casket is the owner of the FA Discord server. Jimmy recruited 5 other people to start with they were: Alie, Lyra, Sister, HysterianDawn, and TheWiseBread. When they decided to advertise the Discord he made those original people the first moderators. Though it may not seem like Jimmy is around all that much he mainly works behind the scenes and will influence the actions of the other moderators.

Personality Edit

Jimmy is a very close friend to many of the moderators. He is a very reliable person and sticks close to his friends. Much like Lyra, Jimmy sings in the voice chat on a daily basis. Usually being regarded to as "a dumb" by Alie and Libbt, Jimmy is mostly perceived as a very intelligent person. He has a tendency to screech or make weird noises when annoyed at a mob or thing in a game (or if they don't pick his card in CAH).

Activity Log Edit

Jimmy in the early days spent much more time in the general chat than he does now. Primarily he spends his on-server activity time in a voice call talking to people and gaming. Like few of the other mods and patrons Jimmy is a gamer and spends a lot of time gaming. Though not always online, if someone needs him he'll be there.

Server Activities Edit

Regularly hosts hour long sessions of Dungeons and Dragons on the server, every Friday at 5 pm pacific time

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