Huey515 is a very active FA Discord member. After joining on August 13th, he skyrocketed up the rankings of Mee6. He plays games mostly on the PS4. He draws occasionally. Huey is a common member and is often online during and after school. He is usually part of Alie's nighttime talks about the internet and emotional things.

Personality Edit

Huey is a shy person in real life and on the internet. He wishes to be less shy in the future. When he first joined the server he would occasionally speak in the voice chat although over the many months that he's been on the server he feels like he's getting a little more used to talking to people and he now considers them his friends, specifically Alie and Jimma . (Not that he didn't consider them friends before, but now he considers them even better friends) He is also getting to be more familiar with the server. Huey is a sweet person. He acts in a way that makes you feel safe around him and like you can really talk to him. Even if he is only talking with text.