Original Moderator Katy/Lyra

Lyra was an older moderator on the FA Discord. She, like SisterOfMine and Alison Casket met the server owner in the game Elder Scrolls Online. Lyra, being one of the first people on the server, knows everything that anyone needs to know about the server. Lyra is also one of the people that doesn't hang around all that much anymore. Yet, she is loved by almost everyone and she makes a great friend.

As of fall 2017, she has left the server with her friend Kidneys.

Personality Edit

Lyra is a very nice person. Though commonly laughing like a maniac in the voice chat, she could be there for you if you needed her.

Activity Logs Edit

Lyra was one of the most active members of the server. In the past she was very passionate about the server and the people on it. She, along with Alie, held their ground as the two youngest mods to stay moderators until just recently.

Trivia Edit

  • She tends to stutter a lot, she says it is due to the fact that people tend to scare her at first.
  • She was a member of the Venturiantale Legacystats group along with BenPlus and MCab719.
  • She tends to be incredibly random.
  • She will break out into fits of insane laughter at random times.
  • She stepped down from her moderator position late into 2017