On the FA Discord, many people get confused about the chats and what they're for. This page will serve as a guide on what goes where and when.

Server Details Edit

  • #server_rules: This chat is where the rules are placed for the server. Occasionally the rules will not appear here and it they are not please contact a mod.
  • #announcements: This is where the moderators will make announcements of server affairs or events.

Moderator Edit

  • #moderator: Unless you are a mod you will not see this chat. This is where the top secret mod stuff happens.
  • #mod_communications: This chat is for people to reccomend or say things directly to the mods of the server.
  • Top Secret Mod Chat: The name explains all about this chat.

Events! Edit

  • #party-things: This is where party music and things will be planned and played.
  • #event-information: This is where Alie or another mod will explain an event that will be happening such as MAT or another event.
  • Event! Chat: This can switch from music to movies to anything we are doing that night.

Casual Chats Edit

  • #general: This is the main talking chat we hang out in.
  • #memes: This is for the memes of the server.
  • #voice: This chat is for muted people in the voice chat to talk to the other people in the voice chats.
  • Casual: Sometimes going by another name this is the primary VC (Voice Chat) on the server.
  • Casual (2): For another group/ overflow channel.
  • Homework: This VC is for people that want to talk but are doing homework. People in this chat may not be fully responsive.
  • AFK: This chat is where all AFK VC members are located.

Musics Edit

  • #music: This text chat can be unlocked for you by talking to a mod for permission into this chat.
  • Music: Music on the server is played in this chat most often.
  • Singing and Stuff: Wanna show off your singing skills? Step into this chat and see if anyone feels like listening to you sing a song.

Sharing Edit

  • #arts: Share your own art here!
  • #promotional-links: Post your own Discord servers/art/pages on here!
  • #octalk: This chat is for talking about OCs and characters.
  • #share: Share other people's work here!
  • #theories: This chat is for talking about theories and things relating to VT or other.
  • #writing: Post and share your writing here. Maybe even ask for help on something you need.

Gaming Edit

  • #dungeons-and-dragons: Jimma owns this chat. He says DnD things in here so if you like those things look no furthur than here.
  • #gaming: General talk about gaming and games go here.
  • #mat-setup: Alie's place to setup her rp game of MAT. Kill your friends for fun here.
  • CAH: Cards against humanity happens here.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Self explainitory.
  • EB games: General gaming talk
  • Gaming 2: Overflow/secondary gaming talk
  • Minecraft
  • Overwatch

Roleplay Edit

  • #roleplay: General random rps
  • Roleplay: For voice roleplays.

Misc Edit

  • #fa-the-tv-show: A group of people making the server into a series.
  • #tableflip: Looking explains.
  • #bot_spam: This is where people spam bot commands for fun.
  • Wiki Edits: People editing the VT wiki work in this chat.
  • Recording/Streaming: This is for groups of people who are going to record/stream.
  • The Safe Place: This chat is for people who feel uncomfortable or unstable in the current VC they were in. A mod will approach you in this chat. You can DM the specific mod or Alie will appear to help you out.