The cake people role is a very questioned role on the FA Discord server. The role was originally made by TheWiseBread for no apparent reason. After a while this role was given to the people on the server who have been there the longest. Some mods have given these roles away to their friends. As of now it's been revoked and it has kept it's original purpose.

Current Holders: Edit

  • Randomeverything1 (Poofy)
  • Rand0m0bs3ss10ns (weebotageek)
  • Frisk (Alie's younger sister)
  • AllYouNeedIsCas
  • libbt_the_ribbt
  • oORiptideOo (Riptizzle)
  • JrKyodai (inactive)
  • Bailey
  • Alie
  • Lyra
  • Ano
  • Jimmy

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