Moderator of the FA Discord... Alison Casket

Alison Casket, a server moderator, came across the server in a very flat way through the server owner directly sending her an invite. After about 2 weeks the server had established mods and had started to advertise the links.

Alison, by that time going by Alie, is a constant patron of the server and is almost always around. Having self proclaimed herself the early morning and later night mod, she established Leo's night guard position. As of last known report from her, her instant server invite has over 40 uses. Alie is... Emotional... to say the least. She finds herself annoying and loves almost everyone. Alie has a huge crush on Jimmy known as of her common references usually in response to BOT Diggity.

Her roles include:

  • Mod
  • Too Talkative
  • Super High School Level Talker
  • Master Leveler
  • Cake People
  • (Many Gaming Roles)
  • Google Groupie
  • Keepers of The Lore
  • Deceased

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